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Jagdambika Pal

Once the CM of Uttar Pradesh for a day, a strong leader and a popular face, Shri Jagdambika Pal won a hard fought election. Simply on account of influence the Mahagathbandhan had in the Purvanchal region towards the sixth and seventh phase, it was a hard fought battle. It was certainly a great experience working with a client who was easily the most down to earth and responsive to fact- based suggestions. With his ceaseless energy and intent to connect with the masses and spend time on the ground, he certainly made our job easier.

Our deliverables included-

  • Calling, verification and replacement (where necessary) of booth Karyakartas.
  • Retrospective voting analysis and goal setting for individual booths and sector.
  • Identifying and addressing local issues.
  • Identifying unattended touchpoints and proposing travel plans accordingly.
  • Identification, involvement and appeasement of local leaders.
  • Social media content management across multiple platforms including official accounts and independent influencers.
  • Mass media activities such as OBD calling, bulk whatsapp and all related communication design.
  • War-room management.

Result: With 49.96% votes polled in his favour, we managed to leave nothing to chance. The margin of 105321 votes was a comfortable one too, considering the BSP (Mahagathbandhan) candidate managed 39.6% votes of his own.