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Virendra Singh Mast

A late switch of seat from Bhadohi to Ballia for Shri Virendra Singh, further aided by a late announcement of candidate by Mahagathbandhan made Ballia the most interesting battle in all of Purvanchal. As INC withdrew its candidature on the seat, lending its support to the Mahagathbandhan candidate, the two- way battle went down to the wire but with careful targeting of Booths, efficient movement of resources on polling day and a clear upper hand on social Media we were able to pull off a thrilling yet certain victory in the end.

Our deliverables included-

  • Calling, verification and replacement (where necessary) of booth Karyakartas.
  • Retrospective voting analysis and goal setting for individual booths and sector.
  • Identifying and addressing local issues.
  • Identifying unattended touchpoints and proposing travel plans accordingly.
  • Identification, involvement and appeasement of local leaders.
  • Social media content management across multiple platforms including official accounts and independent influencers.
  • Mass media activities such as OBD calling, bulk whatsapp and all related communication design.
  • War-room management.

Note: The trademark saffron turban placed on Ballia, a place that loves to call itself rebellious (Baaghi Ballia), was the most popular design hack, both with the clients and the voters.

Result: With 49.96% votes polled in his favour, we managed to leave nothing to chance. The margin of 105321 votes was a comfortable one too, considering the BSP (Mahagathbandhan) candidate managed 39.6% votes of his own.